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the ibs girl

The challenge

The IBS Girl helps people break-free from the pain and discomfort of IBS through simple, sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who is thriving with IBS, Jessica’s life mission is to help those who are feeling lost, frustrated and unsupported in their journey to regain their power back from the crippling grip of IBS.

Jessica was needing a rebrand and an engaging, welcoming web presence to deliver her content and attract new clients to her coaching programs.


Logo design



Our approach

We took notice of what other influencers were doing in the fitness and coaching realm and worked on a web flow that would funnel potential clients into a coaching page and engage them in Jessica’s robust blog and recipe content. We also wanted a logo mark that would be instantly memorable and deliver on her primary goal – to have her clients love their guts again. 


The heart stomach was the result of our research and logo prototyping. It is simple but delivers on what Jessica does instantly in a memorable fashion. Based off a heart (international symbol of love) and a stomach it is easy for new clients to put the two together. Strong and versatile, future applications of the icon logo will be easy to impliemnt into book branding, clothing and all other potential mediums. 

web solution

Because The IBS Girl is mostly a web based business, the website had to be solid. We chose a minimal design that provided potential clients an easy to navigate experience and a colour pallet that complimented the beautiful photoshoot. 

scope of work


Baseline Evaluation


Branding Strategy

Experience Strategy


Branding Strategy

Visual Identity and Assets



Brand Guidelines

web solution

WordPress design

Responsive design and build

Custom graphics

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